IPtalker Android Edition

About IPtalker Android Edition

IPtalker Android Edition is a SIP-based phone for the Android based devices like mobile phone or tablet. With IPtalker Android Edition, you can use the Wi-Fi internet connection on your Adroid device to make and receive calls without using cellular data. In addition, on mobile phone, you can use the cellular data connection for phone calls when you are not in a Wi-Fi zone.
You can download the IPtalker Android Edition at Google Play.



Device Requirements

  • IPtalker Android Edition has all the standard telephone features, including:
  • Support for Audio and Video call.
  • Speakerphone, Mute, and Hold.
  • Call history a list of received, missed, and dialed calls.
  • Audio codecs G.722, G729, AMR, GSM, PCMA, PCMU, Speex(8Khz), Speex(16Khz).

To check your operating system, on the device Home screen, tap Settings > About and look for the Android Version.

Audio Calls Requirements

Your device must run on Android 2.2 or higher. For best performance, we recommend the newer generation of devices.
IPtalker Android Edition will run on these devices allows you to make calls when you are in a Wi-Fi zone.
IPtalker default audio codec is G.729, PCMU and PCMA. If you want to support for more please open the switch.

Getting Ready

  1. 1. Once you have installed IPtalker Android Edition, make sure you have set up Wi-Fi and cellular data correctly on your device:
    • Set up Wi-Fi: from the main iPhone screen, tap Settings > Wi-fi. Turn on the Wi-Fi field. The Choose a Network panel will be populated with access points. Tap to choose an access point and wait for the item to show a checkmark (indicating that you are connected).
    • Set up cellular data (if applicable): from the main Android screen, tap Settings > Cellular data and turn on the Cellular Data field.
    • Make sure that your device isn't running into a "Fly mode"
  2. 2. Obtain the following information from your IPtalker profile on our website(IPtalker):
    • Your Account ID and PIN.
    • Display Name is required. you should fill it as you want.
  3. 3. Tap the IPtalker icon on the Android application menu.

Setting up IPtalker

To use IPtalker as a phone, you need to create a SIP account on IPtalker website (IPtalker.com)>
If your first time launch this application or have no account in it, you won't be able to make calls until you register on our website.

Please point your attention to you will need obtain your ID and PIN from Account page on IPtalker website for using as username and password at IPTalker application. Do not use your website login/password.

Cannot registering or make a phone call?

Most recently our users trying to enter username/password instread account ID/PIN, you should check your IPtalker profile, to access your ID/PIN.

If you cannot register or if you can register but cannot make a phone call, feel free to contact our support via phone or email.

You should check have been filled the information provide by your SIP service provider correctly or contact them directly.

Making Phone Calls

Starting and Quitting IPtalker

Start IPtalker. Tap IPtalker icon in the main screen, after a few seconds, enter the numpad page.

Starting and

Choose IPtalker icon at applications menu of your device.

Quitting IPtalker

Long tap the Home button on the Android device. The list of active applications appears. Swipe away IPtalker from screen to close the IPtalker.

Making a Call

Using the Numpad

Using the numpad or tap the account field use the keyboard to input the account you want to dial, then tap the audio or video button in the numpad to launch a call.

From the Contact List

Enter the contact tabBar item, scroll to choose search the contact and tap it. A prompt appears for you to confirm the call. Or the call startsimmediately.

Making a Call

Tap the buttonsthen complete related functions.
Receiving a Audio Call
When the remote party launches an audio call, you will start audio call on IPTalker app after you answer the call.

You can stop receiving remote voice if you tapping mute button.

Call History

About call history

The call history stores data about all the inbound, outbound and missed phone call. The data stored includes: date and time of call duration; call type; call account.

Create a contact from a history item



All the fields on this screen are supplied by IPtalker and you can find it in your profile.




The screen list the audio codecs that can be used during a Wi-Fi call or cellular data call. Codecs are programs in IPtalker involved in transmitting audio; each codec has different characteristics and therefore each works better in some situations than in others. You may choose to enable one, some or all codecs. If only one codec is enabled, all calls will be made with that codec. If more than one is enabled, IPtalker negotiates the codec to use (from among the enabled codecs) with the other person.

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